Hello and welcome to my homepage and blog! There isn’t much content here (other than the About Me, which is really just my CV).

I have had plans on writing more content here but so far nothing has come from it. We will see whether this changes in the future.

Using Firefox as the Default Mail Client on Windows 10 (with Fastmail)

Moving away from the Google ecosystem where “everything just works”, you sometimes end up missing the little things, like being able to click a mailto link and making it open in Gmail (or Fastmail in this case).

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Today felt like the first true day of summer. I finally took my large rug to a mattolaituri (rug washing pontoon). I have such a strong connection between summer and mattolaituri’s, although I can’t ever remember using one of them before today.

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IKEA Electric Table DIY

I finally bought myself an electric table, it took me more than a year to actually do it because I needed the tabletop to be 115cm wide—the narrow tables always seem to be 120cm wide—so it would fit within my bookshelf. Which also meant that I needed to do some sawing and finishing myself.

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Github Actions Are Cool

For some reason I kind of brushed off GitHub Actions when they were introduced and now I can’t feel but that I made a mistake. At least for simpler use cases they seem really easy to use, cheap, and fast to setup. All things I value greatly, both for personal and professional projects.

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Plans for the Summer

I had planned for a long summer vacation this summer as I haven’t had a long summer vacation from work in some time. The longest one I think I’ve had was from McDonald’s which must have been roughly four weeks.

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Summer Challenge (2020)

I challenge myself to write and publish five blog posts every week for my entire summer vacation, starting from this. I will do my best to publish one per day, on every weekday. This should total roughly forty blog posts during this summer (that’s a lot 😅).

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