About Me

I’m Maximilian, but you can call me just Max. I’m from Helsinki, Finland, where I was born and have lived my whole life. I currently work at Reaktor as a Senior Infrastructure and Automation Engineer, practically this means that I’m usually automating and designing cloud infrastructure deployments.

My passion is in writing sensible, good, readable code, but I know that the realities are often different and will strive to get shit done. I’m a jack-of-all-trades and can work all the way from frontend to backend and deployments, I am able to write lower level performant code and single use scripts. I will even use Excel if that seems like the right tool for the job.

I want to focus more on people skills and facilitation in the near future and would really like to learn more about coaching.



  • Reaktor (2022/3 - Present): Senior DevOps & Dev Consultant, Technical Team Lead
    • More focus on facilitation, project management, and team building.
    • Still doing lots of IaC, automation, and development work.
  • Reaktor (2019/12 - 2022/3): Senior Infrastructure and Automation Engineer
    • Worked at clients such as Varian, Kesko, and Orion designing, building, and implementing scalable and secure solutions using multiple different software and cloud environments.
    • Graduated from our internal Team Builder Academy, improving and training my interpersonal and team leader skills.
    • Continued my work on Reaktor’s junior recruitment, designing the pre-assignment, general planning, screening applications, interviewing people, making hiring decisions, collecting feedback on the employees, and many other things.
  • Reaktor (2017/9 - 2019/12): System Specialist
    • During this time I worked at clients such as adidas, OP, and Elisa developing custom solutions for the customers needs using agile methods.
    • In addition to the customer work, I was also part of the summer recruitment team, our internal diversity and inclusivity team, and helped with the students cooperation (excursions etc.).
  • Gofore (2017/3 - 2017/9): System Specialist
    • During my time at Gofore I worked for a large Finnish client developing a PaaS solution.
  • Kuka (2016/5 - 2016/3): Software Developer
    • Development and design of a full-stack application.
  • McDonald’s (2014/2 - 2015/8): Restaurant Worker
    • Customer service, preparing food, and maintaining of cleanliness.
  • Fantomatico Oy (2012/5 - 2012/10): Software Developer
    • Software development with Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3, batch processing of photos in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Fantomatico Oy (2011/6 - 2011/7): Summer Assistant
    • Editing photos in Adobe Photoshop, and debugging software.


I’m comfortable with a wide range of languages and tools. When given the choice I prefer to program with Python or Go, for deployments and automation I prefer to always use the cloud native solution but when that doesn’t make sense, and I there isn’t a sensible replacement, I write my own tools. Below is a thematically sorted list of things I’ve used somewhat recently.

  • AWS, CloudFormation, Terraform, Ansible.
  • Linux, Windows, Docker, GitHub Actions.
  • Python, Go, TypeScript, JavaScript, Bash, PowerShell, Makefile.
  • React, Next.js, FastAPI.
  • DynamoDB, S3, Postgres, SQLite, Kafka.

I prefer to work in small independent teams that use agile methodologies, preferably with the whole team sitting in the same room most of the days.


  • Computer Science, University of Helsinki (2013-2017)
    • TKO-√§ly: Member of the Board (2016 and 2017)
  • Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts (2010-2013)

Other Experience

  • Volunteer at UltraHack (2015/11)
  • Military Service in the Finnish Defence Forces (2013/6 - 2013/12): Engineer with specialization in Communications