Plans for the Summer

I had planned for a long summer vacation this summer as I haven’t had a long summer vacation from work in some time. The longest one I think I’ve had was from McDonald’s which must have been roughly four weeks.

Last summer I only kept three weeks (and originally I planned for just two weeks) and that really made me realise how wonderful a good proper summer vacation is. I had previously though it would be nicer to have a few weeks of vacation here and there around the year. But the fact is that it really does take me a week or two to really get into that vacation mode and the last week I’m already stressing about getting back to work.

So this year I took myself a long vacation. But I didn’t realise how long. Due to the whole covid-19 situation there was a possibility of changing the “lomaraha” to vacation days this year, and I jumped on it. Therefore I have an extra two weeks of summer vacation! But somehow I hadn’t realised that if you use all of your vacation days for the summer, it’s already six weeks of vacation for a total of eight weeks. I hadn’t checked this before Friday when I actually left on this vacation, I was just kinda calculating “one month” plus extra two weeks. Happy accident I guess.

Once I realised this on Friday I started planning some general things quite quickly and after a few steps here we are, me trying to write way more than I have ever written in my life before and trying to find a pace for doing it. For quite a long time I’ve written some things for myself, here and there, but usually nothing bigger and after university I don’t think I’ve written even a single essay.

Although I’ve written quite a bit of notes for my D&D campaign settings Ennen, I have struggled a lot with the writing. I want to become better at writing, I enjoy creating worlds and talking about them, but there is a need to get things written out. Therefore I want to write more, because the only way to become better at anything is by doing it more.

Getting better at writing it’d also be useful to read more. I haven’t laid any plans to start reading more than I currently do, but we’ll see. I’ve already started to read a lot more during the last few years, mostly thanks to Audible (and yes, I use the term read to refer to listening to audiobooks too). I also created a GoodReads account to better track what I’m reading and what to read next. A book a month feels enough for the time being.

The reason I find audiobooks much better for me is that the best time to read for me is when I’m transiting, or otherwise just on the move. And nowadays I mostly walk instead of using the public transit which makes reading a book much more difficult. Audiobooks solve this problem perfectly and allow me to easily squeeze between two and five hours of reading every week. With time I’ve also gotten better at listening to books at speed and now I’m usually listening at around 2x speed.

I do have a handful of physical books that I already own and really want to read, we’ll see whether I can find time for them. I doubt I will.

One thing that is really common for me during vacations is watching movies. I love movies but during normal times I maybe watch a single movie per week. The time when I could be watching a movie I’m usually tired and not being able to focus that well so I end up just watching YouTube or Twitch. Which is completely fine for me.

This summer, yet again, I’m planning to watch almost two movies every day. I know I will not succeed at it, but most likely I will still watch more than one movie per day on average. This summer’s theme will at least start from “the movies that I should’ve already seen”. There is stuff like In The Mood For Love, Leaving Las Vegas (I’m a sucker for Nicolas Cage, and he won an Oscar for this!), Her, Metropolis, Brazil, Barry Lyndon, The Lighthouse, and There Will Be Blood to name a few. Expect some number of “reviews”, or more likely, random ramblings, about movies that I watched here (already working on one about Koyaanisqatsi). I also created a Letterboxd account to help me organize movies I’ve enjoyed and to keep a proper backlog of stuff I want to see.

I think the only new release (in the summer) I’m excited for is Tenet, but oh boy am I excited about that.

A somewhat usual dinner currently.

Then the big one. I really want to get in better shape and to get rid of this beer belly. I’m not fat but I’m not happy about my current state either and things must change. I’ve started to make food at home (who knew that chicken breast and vegetables could be so tasty and easy to make) and I’ve begun to exercise more. Simple muscle training with the help of YouTube, brisk walking (let’s see about running later on), and I’ll start swimming regularly again.

My goal is to be less than 100kg after summer (for context, I’m 200cm tall). I know I can do it. More weight loss than that and I’ll be hyped. I’d also love to be able to one pullup, just one. I have never in my life been able to do even a single pullup.

Summa summarum: writing, watching movies, and getting in shape. Those are my goals. Other than those, my plans are open and I will make sure that I also take a lot of time to just relax and enjoy the freedom.