Summer Challenge (2020)

I challenge myself to write and publish five blog posts every week for my entire summer vacation, starting from this. I will do my best to publish one per day, on every weekday. This should total roughly forty blog posts during this summer (that’s a lot 😅).

The topics I am currently thinking of range from RPGs to films, and from coding to opinion pieces. I will not aim to write high-quality well polished content, 100% mediocre will be good enough. I will focus on getting things published over getting them polished. I will publish both short and long posts, but the length of the post is not important. The reason I am doing this is do improve my writing and to have a thing to focus on during my vacation.

If I don’t know what I to write about, I’ll either pick a word and just start to write with using it as the title of the post, or I’ll start with “Today I noticed…” and continue from there.

One large thing I wish to “finish” is my D&D campaign setting. I will publish some of my old dungeons and take time to polish a lot of my current notes. There will be lots of posts about NPCs, religions, towns and cities, and dungeons.

Whenever I choose to code something small for myself I will write a blog post about it, even if it is just me pointing at the thing and saying “Look! A thing I made!”.

I am super nervous about this and I doubt I will 100% succeed, but even if I get 10% off the way there I’ll be happy.