Today felt like the first true day of summer. I finally took my large rug to a mattolaituri (rug washing pontoon). I have such a strong connection between summer and mattolaituri’s, although I can’t ever remember using one of them before today.

Matto ja laituri.

Do you know when you have a feeling that you’ve done something but just can’t remember it. You know it’s true. That’s a little bit how I felt about washing rugs. 😬
For me the mattolaituri’s really bring me memories of summer yet I can’t remember ever washing a rug.

Helsinki has quite a few of these mattolaituri’s, even in the city, allowing one to easily wash their rugs. I assume other cities in Finland also have mattolaituri’s but I’ve never seen one outside of Helsinki. Maybe there are even some outside of Finland?

The sun’s shining, the water is warm yet a little cold, the smell of mäntysuopa (soap) is in the air. It’s surprisingly fun, especially considering how I don’t like doing the dishes or washing clothes at all.

After I washed the rug, I went to have a nice cold beer while waiting it to dry a bit, then carried it home. I totally forgot how much a wet rug weighs, especially one as large as this one.