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Today felt like the first true day of summer. I finally took my large rug to a mattolaituri (rug washing pontoon). I have such a strong connection between summer and mattolaituri’s, although I can’t ever remember using one of them before today.

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IKEA Electric Table DIY

I finally bought myself an electric table, it took me more than a year to actually do it because I needed the tabletop to be 115cm wide—the narrow tables always seem to be 120cm wide—so it would fit within my bookshelf. Which also meant that I needed to do some sawing and finishing myself.

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Plans for the Summer

I had planned for a long summer vacation this summer as I haven’t had a long summer vacation from work in some time. The longest one I think I’ve had was from McDonald’s which must have been roughly four weeks.

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Summer Challenge (2020)

I challenge myself to write and publish five blog posts every week for my entire summer vacation, starting from this. I will do my best to publish one per day, on every weekday. This should total roughly forty blog posts during this summer (that’s a lot 😅).

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